Abstract Submission

Before submitting an abstract please make sure that the abstract is prepared according to the given instructions.
Proposals for individual papers, session panels (5 papers each), or audio-visual presentations (film/play screenings followed by round table discussions) are to be submitted by July 31, 2024, via the online form on the conference website: https://ioha2025.conference.pl/. Members of national oral history associations are encouraged to check the appropriate box and provide the name of the relevant organization.

Individual paper proposals (up to 300 words) must contain the title of the paper, an abstract, and a short bio-note of its author(s).

Panel proposals (up to 600 words) must include the title and a description of the session, the titles of all papers, and short bio-notes for all participants. Panel proposals must be international in membership (representing at least two countries). 

Please indicate the language of your paper/panel (English or Spanish). 

Audio-visual presentation proposals, in addition to including a description of the film/play (up to 300 words), must provide the names and bios of all discussants. If the film/play is not in English, please make sure that it is subtitled.
You are invited to send only one abstract which you can change and resubmit until the July, 31, 2024. Then this opportunity will be blocked.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Local Organizing Committee  via email: ioha.krakow@gmail.com 


Rules for abstract submission:

Abstracts must be submitted using the online Abstract Submission Form  available on the conference website (suggested browser: Google Chrome)

In order to submit your abstract you need to:

1.  Create your account  

2. Choose an Abstract submission Form

3. Fill in the Abstract submission Form and add your paper proposal as an attachment 

4. If you are a registered User, please:

5. After submission a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the submitting author.

6. If you haven't received a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder.